Jazmyne Howard, Marketing Intern

Marketing Intern (Spring 2016)

Jazmyne Howard is passionate about learning new trends in the marketing field and how those trends connect to the study of Psychology. She is also passionate about working with young children. With excitement, Jazmyne brings her diverse background and knowledge to Solace marketing communications and events.

Education and Credentials

Jazmyne is currently a senior at Georgia Gwinnett College, preparing to graduate with her Bachelor’s of Psychology in Summer 2016. She has taken courses in abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience and social psychology. Her major concentration is developmental psychology.

Marketing and Psychology

Jazmyne is currently taking classes in adult aging development and research. She is interested human reactions as they applies to certain situations or life events. She will use this knowledge to help market Solace Counseling and Consulting LLC to those seeking our services.

85% Communications
75% Events
65% Webinar Trainings