Renée Milner, Marketing Intern

Marketing Intern (Fall 2015)

Renée Milner is passionate about psychology and how it benefits the advertising plan and marketing of a company. She takes pride in her experience with brand representation and assisting management with proper recruitment of potential employees.

Education and Credentials

Renée is currently a senior at Valdosta State University preparing to graduate in Psychology. She will graduate with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fall of 2015. While at Valdosta State University Renée conducted lab research with psychology professors and participated in the school’s dance team.

Marketing and Psychology

Renée has led marketing efforts for restaurants and apartment complexes to include her use of social media and interpersonal skills to promote events. She is actively engaged in social media marketing and educating the public on importance of removing mental health stigma. Renée has management experience with employee selection and training, as well as brand imaging. Renée eagerly assists Solace’s marketing effort and client growth.