Our Marketing Team

Kayla Santangelo

Kayla SantangeloSenior Marketing Intern (Spring 2015)

Senior Marketing Intern

Kayla Santangelo is a passionate MBA student and Registered Nurse. She enjoys combining her knowledge on mental health and marketing at Solace Counseling and Consulting LLC to help create an atmosphere that is welcoming to others.

Renee Milner

Renee MilnerMarketing Intern (Fall 2015)

Marketing Intern

Renée Milner is passionate about psychology and how it benefits the advertising plan and marketing of a company. She takes pride in her experience with brand representation and assisting management with proper recruitment of potential employees.

Sarah DuBose

Sarah DuBoseMarketing Intern (Summer 2015)

Marketing Intern

Sarah DuBose is a dedicated student who is passionate about changing the stigma surrounding mental health. She uses her background of marketing and psychology to create a positive image surrounding mental health at Solace Counseling and Consulting LLC.

Jordan Shilling

Jordan ShillingMarketing Intern (Summer 2015)

Marketing Intern

Jordan Shilling is a driven college student that is passionate about creating innovative ideas and designs. She strives to further use her creativity to increase brand awareness and to help others while at Solace Counseling and Consulting LLC.