These images are a part of the "All of Us" campaign to end the stigma of mental illness. "All of Us is a mental health campaign founded by UCLA undergraduate students to rethink the way mental health is viewed and treated on the UCLA campus and within the surrounding community through awareness, education, and advocacy." For more information visit

We join with other mental health professionals around the world who call of an end to the stigma that hinders others from seeking mental health assistance and resources. Join the movement today to END THE STIGMA. Take a stand and let the world know #IDefineStrong.


This page features a collection of images pulled from various sources to spread awareness about mental health advocacy. Join us in combating the damaging effects of stigma and misconceptions. Please share these photos and join the #IDefineStrong movement!

You Can Make A Difference

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Our objective is to share these memes as a way to spread awareness about mental health. These are a great way to share quotes about mental illness and awareness, while getting people's attention with the eye-catching photos behind the quotes. Please help us in sharing these with the world!

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To get involved, please follow our Twitter and Instagram pages @SeekSolaceNow and post photos of yourself, showing us how you define strong! You can also like our Facebook page at Solace Counseling and Consulting LLC and tag us in your photos. Don't forget to also add the hashtag #IDefineStrong to join the movement! Your photo could be featured in the "#photos" section of our website  to help spread awareness about mental health. YOU can make a difference.



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