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Mental illness can affect anyone at anytime and with so many individuals affected, it is astounding to see that there is such a stigma surrounding mental health. One major misconception is people who suffer from mental illnesses are weak leading few to seek treatment or counseling.

We decided to speak out against these misconceptions with the #IDefineStrong campaign. Please join us in striking out the stigma by sending us your pictures with your best strong pose and tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at #IDefineStrong.

Disclaimer: Individuals who upload photos to this site or email us photos to have published on this site give us permission to include their hashtag photos on this site. That means the owner waives their right to ownership of the photo and releases Solace Counseling and Consulting LLC of all liability related to said photos.


You Make A Difference

Mental health stigma is a widespread problem in our society today. Many people do not understand mental illness and make judgements based on their lack of understanding. YOU can make a difference just by spreading awareness about mental illness and stopping the stigma! Help us spread the word by following our Instagram page, @SeekSolaceNow, and tagging us in a photo of you showing us how you define strong. Your photo could be featured under this section on our website! Also don't forget to hashtag #IDefineStrong to join the movement!

Our Task

Our objective is to create awareness about mental health and to stop the stigma. We want people to understand what mental illness truly is, so that the stigma surrounding the topic can come to an end. We want people to realize that having a mental illness is not a choice and that it is strong to live through one! So help us, by joining the movement #IDefineStrong

Get Involed

Get Involved

To get involved, please follow our Twitter and Instagram pages @SeekSolaceNow and post photos of yourself, showing us how you define strong! You can also like our Facebook page at Solace Counseling and Consulting LLC and tag us in your photos. Don't forget to also add the hashtag #IDefineStrong to join the movement! Your photo could be featured in this section of our website to help spread awareness about mental health. YOU can make a difference.


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