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We are a mental wellness practice that offers counseling, consultation and training services that integrate theology and psychology into sound approaches for empowerment, well being, and growth.  Our network of professionals are licensed and dually trained clinicians with graduate degrees in both theology and psychology.


Solace offers a wide range of training opportunities for companies and organizations, both small and large. Our highly-trained staff have facilitated hundreds of trainings in-person, workshops and using online platforms. Many of our trainings incorporate integrated wellness, healthy communication strategies and team building approaches.

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We offer a variety of brief and extended workshops. We have over 40 ready to present workshops on topics ranging from healthy communications, interpersonal wellness, and team building to self-confidence, motivation and work/life balances.

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Our psycho-educational webinar series equip you and your team with relevant information, best practices, communication strategies and conflict resolution skills to face the challenges associated with thriving in today’s society.

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We have dual-degreed professional counselors who can develop retreat workshops and different training to meet your needs. We provide highly interactive programs that will engage your group and facilitate team cohesiveness.

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We Understand Non-Profits

Do you have a team of leaders who could benefit from new wellness approaches, team building activities, or self-care strategies? Is there a need for your employees to be trained to help make the work environment an area where they can thrive? Our knowledgeable trainers have valuable insights that can help bring your nonprofit to the next level. Trainers have years of experience working with nonprofit organizations to effectively tailor training to your needs.

Our trainers conduct in-service training, workshops and retreats to assist non-profit teams.

Training topics include:

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We Understand Your Corporate and Professional Development Needs

We offer team trainings and programs that enhance wellness, cohesiveness, and effectiveness. Our high-experienced trainers have the knowledge and background to effectively assist your business. Our trainers have first-hand experience with corporate programs and initiatives. Whether it is team-building skills or employee readiness our corporate training options can help provide an opportunity for growth in your work environment.

We offer webinars, workshops, seminars, and retreats to strengthen your team and executives.

Training topics include:

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We Understand Church Leadership

Our pastoral and professional counselors are licensed and dually trained clinicians with graduate degrees in both theology and mental health. Beyond that, our trainers hold leadership positions in churches and have a wealth of experience to assist you and your congregation.

We offer on-site consultation, workshops, webinars and retreats.

Training topics include:

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We look forward to sharing our collaborative trainings with you. Contact our office today to discuss your training needs and how we can help!