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Appreciating the Little Things

Begin Appreciating the Little Things

Appreciation is something that many individuals struggle with on a daily basis. The main reason being that we forget to look at the bigger picture. Despite wherever you may be in your life or despite whatever challenges may be thrown your way things could always be worse. I know that sounds a bit cliché, but it is very true. Instead of focusing on the negative you could begin to focus on the positive. By doing so, you will in-time learn to appreciate the little things.

1. Begin with your loved ones

The appreciation shown towards your loved ones can set the tone for how you appreciate others. When you come home you could simply show interest in your significant other’s day, and in return voice to them how your day was. By doing so it shows them that you not only care about them but also their well-being. Depending on whether they had a rough day or not you could let them know how much you love them and appreciate them. How much the family as a whole would not be able to function without them.

To take it a step further you could also show other members of your family besides your immediate how much you appreciate them. Learn to call sometimes instead of text, and learn to invite them out once in awhile. Offer to pay for their meal and tell them that you love them. I think sometimes we struggle with showing appreciation towards the ones we love most, and sometimes we just forget. When you find yourself forgetting I just want you to ask yourself where would you truly be without them, and who would have your back like no other.

2. Proceed to your workplace

Majority of us working at some point have felt unappreciated, and even if you have not just imagine how you would feel. It’s very easy for us in these cases to turn a blind eye or forget that we’re all human beings, and as such we like to feel appreciated. Once in awhile we like to be reminded that we’re doing something right and not always what we’re doing wrong. If we begin by showing just a few acts of kindness and gratitude it can go a long way. Even the most basic level of appreciation can lift a person up.

Whenever you find yourself struggling with this I want you to simply just look around and ask yourself would you be able to do this all alone. If you ask yourself this question it will set a reminder and you will begin not only appreciating the little things, but your peers as well.

3. Finish with the little things

To finish I want you to appreciate the little things. Whether that be the car your able to drive to and from work everyday, the bed your able to sleep in, or just the ability to wake up once more just appreciate any little thing. You’ll find most that these are the things we typically take for granted.


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