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Preparing to start a new life together is an exciting time. Start off on the right foot with premarital counseling. Premarital counseling can help you discover and navigate potential challenge areas in your relationship. Premarital counseling typically consists of 6-8 one-hour sessions working with a Licensed Professional Counselor through several different topics. Premarital topics include:

Premarital Counseling Sessions

We Offer:

Online Sessions: Eight – “One-Hour Sessions”  (10 weeks total [once a week]: an orientation session, eight topic led sessions and a closing session)

State of Georgia, Marriage License Discount. Our pre-marital counseling sessions meet the state of Georgia qualifications to receive a marriage license discount (where accepted). For more information from the state of Georgia  click here.

“If you don’t want to pay the marriage license fee, you can earn a premarital education program certificate – a six-hour class that reviews basic marriage lessons such as budgeting and conflict resolution.”  –State of Georgia.

Wedding Officiant

Wedding Officiating In addition to our premarital counseling sessions, we can recommend licensed ordained ministers to officiate weddings for couples who complete pre-marital counseling. Our network of ministers are ordained to perform weddings throughout the state of Georgia. Additional arrangements may be made for destination weddings. For more information contact our office at 470.701.6793.

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Counseling can be defined as “the provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties, especially by a professional” (Oxford Dictionary).  At Solace Counseling and Consulting LLC, we offer clients the opportunity to develop sound decision-making skills, effective coping strategies, and healthy interpersonal skills to create empowerment, a sense of well-being, and growth


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Anonymous Client

"Dr. Ca Trice is excellent! I found my sessions with her to be therapeutic and relaxing...almost as good as the spa!"

Anonymous Client

"Dr. Glenn is very understanding and knowledgeable of various subjects that deal with contemporary language. She is warm engaging and powerful. She has an ear too listen and a heart of compassion for ministers."

Rev. Carra Greer Minister to Families & Personal Trainer

"Dr. Glenn is an amazing counselor with valuable insight!"