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Counseling Services

Our counseling services integrate your spiritual reality into clinically responsible therapy. We help clients navigate individual, couple and family pressures associated with anxiety, depression, trauma, interpersonal conflict and grief.


Consultation Services

Solace can help guide you from plan development to implementation. Leaders often need collaboration and informed feedback when carrying out major initiatives or responding to staff challenges.


Training Services

Solace offers a wide range of training opportunities for companies and organizations. Most trainings incorporate integrated wellness and interpersonal practices for both small and large group events.


Clinical Supervision

Need Clinical Supervision? Are you seeking Clinical Supervision that can help you integrate clinical theory, ethical practice and holistic meaning?

Other Services

Zenith Services

High profile individuals often have fast-paced environments and constant stressors leaving them with little time for relaxation or self-care. These stressors can begin to affect your health and relationships with loved ones. We understand the demands and pressures you face in your position.

Mental Health Advocacy - #IDefineStrong Campaign

Mental illness can affect anyone at anytime and with so many individuals affected, it is astounding to see that there is such a stigma surrounding mental health. One major misconception is people who suffer from mental illnesses are weak leading few to seek treatment or counseling.


We have original blogs related to mental health wellness and balance.


What People Are Saying...

Dr. Glenn is very understanding and knowledgeable of various subjects that deal with contemporary language. She is warm engaging and powerful. She has an ear too listen and a heart of compassion for ministers.


Dr. Glenn is an amazing counselor with valuable insight!

Rev. Carra Greer
Rev. Carra Greer Minister to Families & Personal Trainer

Dr. Ca Trice is excellent! I found my sessions with her to be therapeutic and relaxing...almost as good as the spa!


I love the Solace Counseling and Consultant LLC [Facebook] Page that often gives encouragement and helpful tip for communication and self awareness.

Janice O'Neal
Janice O'Neal