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Wellbeing and Growth

Are you looking for a safe space to explore your challenges that also embraces your spirituality? Our counseling services integrate your spiritual reality into clinically responsible therapy. We help clients navigate individual, couple and family pressures associated with anxiety, depression, trauma, interpersonal conflict and grief. At its best, therapy explores the influence of one’s mind (thoughts and emotions), body (physical responses) and spirit (sense of meaning and purpose). To schedule counseling services contact our office at 470.701.6793.

Counseling areas include:

“Pastoral Counselors are ministers or persons endorsed by a religious faith group who are also mental health professionals.”

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Individual Counseling

Life Happens. Looking for a way to piece things together and explore your options? Individual counseling is a space to look at life’s challenges from all angles and find a path toward growth.

Individual sessions help you understand your thoughts, emotions and behaviors better, while empowering you to address your difficult situations. Individual Counseling sessions focus on a myriad of concerns. Often, clients seek individual sessions to process issues related to work/life balance, grief, relationship issues, childhood trauma, spirituality, self-esteem, anxiety, depression or adjustment. Adult and adolescent individual sessions are available to address many more concerns.

Couples Counseling

We all need help sometimes. Are you and your partner struggling to see the best way forward? Couples counseling can help.

We all want a healthy and happy relationship, but it takes work. Lots of work. Couples counseling can help you build on the skills you already have and provide some new skills to help you navigate relationship challenges. Couples counseling also provides a safe, non-judgmental space to process the root issues in your relationship, while pointing you towards health and healing.

Every couple is unique, but couples often enter couples counseling to address concerns related to communication, infidelity, parenting, financial stress, conflicting values, intimacy and/or sexual difficulties. To discuss your concerns contact us for more information.

Premarital Counseling

Preparing to start a new life together is an exciting time. Start off on the right foot with pre-marital counseling. Premarital counseling can help you discover and strengthen potential challenge areas in your relationship. Premarital counseling typically consists of 6-8 one-hour sessions with topics including family history, communication, conflict resolution, family planning, financial management, intimacy, and faith/spirituality. Our pre-marital counseling sessions meet the state of Georgia qualifications to receive a marriage license discount. “If you don’t want to pay the marriage license fee, you can earn a premarital education program certificate – a six-hour class that reviews basic marriage lessons such as budgeting and conflict resolution.” –State of Georgia. For more information from the state of Georgia click here.

Family Counseling

Family matters. Is your family struggling with difficult issues that seem to be out of control? Family counseling offers you a path towards growth.

When your family life is off, everything feels a little off. Family counseling can help your family explore the core issues that breed separation and trigger conflict. Sessions can provide your family tools to overcome those challenges and perspectives to strengthen the ways you relate to each other.

Family counseling can often help with parent-child relating, blended families, step-parenting and clergy family concerns.

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Anonymous Client

"Dr. Ca Trice is excellent! I found my sessions with her to be therapeutic and relaxing...almost as good as the spa!"

Anonymous Client

"Dr. Glenn is very understanding and knowledgeable of various subjects that deal with contemporary language. She is warm engaging and powerful. She has an ear too listen and a heart of compassion for ministers."

Rev. Carra Greer Minister to Families & Personal Trainer

"Dr. Glenn is an amazing counselor with valuable insight!"