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Appreciation April

The theme this month is appreciation, whether it may be showing appreciation for the small things and the people in our lives or gaining an appreciation for work and home. It’s easy to take for granted what we have in the effort to become better, but we can all use more appreciation and gratitude.

Inward appreciation

Health, technology, freedom; we all have something for which to be grateful. Unfortunately, we often take these things for granted because they are the fabric of our lives and we assume they always will be. When we take the time to appreciate what we have we are more diligent in defending those things.

Appreciation can be very personal, to some that means stopping from time to time to remember and be grateful. It is especially important to take moments to be appreciative during trying times. I know it sounds like an impossible task, but even in times of grief and hardship appreciation can be a useful tool. My first challenge to you is to think of ten things you are appreciative for, they do not have to be specific or complex, just think of things that make your life easier.

Outward appreciation

Friends, family, love; unwittingly we also take the people in our lives for granted. Consider what your loved ones do for you in both a mental and physical sense. Think about the last person to do you a favor, or the last person to do something for you without you having to ask. Think about the people in your life that make you feel secure, or that broaden your perspective.

While inward appreciation is not something that has to be shared with anyone outward appreciation should be shared more often. Showing appreciation to the people in our lives is something we can all use more of. Even a small comment of gratitude can make a person’s day. So my second challenge is to identify five people that you are grateful for and let them know you appreciate them and describe a specific reason why.

When we become more comfortable recognizing what we have and who we have, we are more likely to cherish them. We are more likely to hold on to those things and defend them. And in the unfortunate event that we lose them we are less likely to have regrets.


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