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Building Resilience

Life is consistently full of hills and valleys. When at the top of our hills, we feel on top of the world and like nothing can stop us, but when we are in our valleys, it can feel like they last forever. As a college student navigating the young adult world, I often feel trapped in my valleys. However, I have realized that in the times I’ve been down, I’ve been able to build resilience.  Resilience is our ability to adapt, bounce back, and thrive in adversity. Building resilience is gaining strength and adopting a tougher mindset to overcome difficulties. Resilience often leads to optimism, having better-coping skills, and being in a mindset of growth rather than being stagnant. This blog post can help us explore how to build resilience and better face challenging situations. 
  1. Focus on what you can control
Often when faced with more than one challenge, it is easy to feel overwhelmed about what lies in your future. We focus and dwell on things that aren’t happening today. That’s why focusing only on what is in your control is crucial. When we take life one day at a time, sorting our complicated problems into more straightforward tasks is more manageable. Taking on what is in your control will help relieve some stress and put your energy into things that will help you succeed. 
  1. Practice Mindfulness 
Practicing Mindfulness is another helpful tool to help you alleviate stress and build resilience. Mindfulness causes you to be present at the moment. This allows you to manage your emotions better and make decisions. Adversity can often make our minds and choices cloudy due to panic or anxiety. Practicing Mindfulness will enable us to take difficulties as they are: just a moment in time. 
  1. Set tangible goals
Everyone has long-term goals, but it can feel overwhelming when we don’t break them up. Setting daily, weekly, and monthly plans allows us to make notable progress, feel accomplished, and gain confidence when things don’t feel attainable. Setting tangible goals will enable us to build resilience because if our long-term goals are too complicated, we can still track some progress. 
  1. Practicing Self Care 
Self-care is essential when building resilience because recharging and resetting is part of overcoming adversity. When we practice good self-care, it’s able to bring us joy outside of our adversity. This also includes taking care of your mindset and practicing compassion within yourself. This will allow you to remind yourself that difficulties are temporary and to keep moving forward.   Building resilience isn’t something we master in a day, but over time, it allows us to prevail through adversity. Focusing on what we can control, practicing Mindfulness, setting tangible goals, and practicing self-care will enable us to stay focused to grow. Even though it’s natural that we will sometimes find ourselves in the middle of the valley rather than the top of the hill, resilience allows us to reset and strive in the face of adversity. Additional Research: Five Science-Backed Strategies to Build Resilience by Kira Newman


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