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The Medicine of Laughter

In the World Today, we constantly battle many emotions to protect our mental health. We often find ourselves fighting self-doubt, anxiety, and other draining feelings. Usually, the solutions we come up with include self-care, mindfulness, or changing our health habits, but these aren’t the only things that can improve our mental well-being. One of the World’s best medicines is laughter. We all feel good when experiencing the joy of laughter with friends or family, and it also has been proven scientifically that it can improve our mental health. In this blog, we will explore a lighter and more fun topic about how laughter is one of the best medicines in everyday life. 

  1. Laughter has significant short-term effects. 

At the moment, it seems evident that laughter has significant short-term effects. The apparent effect is that it usually means you’re in a good mood, but there are other positive effects. The first short-term effect is laughter often causes your body to release tension. It allows circulation throughout your body, enabling your muscle and body to feel relaxed. Another short-term effect is that laughter switches your perspective at the moment. Laughter usually equates to feeling happiness, so it allows you to take things in a happy state of mind at that moment. Laughter is also able to stimulate our organs. Since your body gets more oxygen, it allows your lungs, heart, and muscle to increase the endorphins, which send signals to your brain to better your mood. 

            2. Laughter also has long-term effects. 

It feels silly that laughter could also have positive long-term effects on your mind and body. Laughter can help you build resilience over time. Since laughter often improves your mood, it can eventually begin to be a way to help you cope with more complex situations. It can allow you to take a more light approach to life and not let the downs bring you down too much. It can also help improve your immune system. When you laugh, it can allow you to create positive thoughts that will release neuropeptides that can help your brain fight stress and other illnesses. Lastly, another long-term effect of laughter is that it can help you have a healthier heart. Usually, laughter can help to increase blood flow and blood vessels, so it can help you fight against cardiovascular issues. 

         3.Where to find more laughter 

Laughter exists in the World around us, but sometimes it can be hard to find. Here are some activities to create laughter in your everyday life. At home, you can try watching funny movies or tv shows, playing with small children or a pet in your home, or getting a joke book. These things don’t take much time; even if they don’t make us laugh, they usually cultivate happiness. Things you can do outside of your home are going to a comedy club, doing fun activities, or hanging out with your funniest friends. All of these things can allow you to find laughter and joy throughout them. 

Whether creating laughter yourself or seeking it out elsewhere, it’s good to allow it to help you improve your mental well-being. Laughter often will enable us to increase our quality of life and experience the World more positively. Next time you struggle with a situation or issue, remember that sometimes a laugh is enough to make you feel better.  

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