Professional Consultation

Have a goal and need a roadmap to get there?

Solace can help guide you from plan development to implementation. Leaders often need collaboration and informed feedback when carrying out major initiatives or responding to staff challenges. Solace specializes in the development and implementation of healthy initiatives geared towards strengthening interpersonal skills, healthy communication, self-care and wellness practices.


One-On-One Consultation

Got a difficult situation? If you need guidance with a life or career transition, private consultation provides an avenue to receive the support you need. Whether it is personal wellness or guidance on an issue, our one-on-one consultation services for leaders will provide you with the resources you need to handle your situation more effectively.

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Corporate Programs & Initiatives

Is your team missing something? We offer team strategies and programs that enhance wellness, cohesiveness, and work/life balance. Whether it is time-management skills or support in dealing with employees, corporate consultation can help provide an opportunity for growth in your work environment.

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Organizational Development

Does your team need a reboot? If you need guidance on ways to strengthen your team and enhance your team’s interpersonal development we can help. Our team will come to your organization, assess your team, and plan enhancement initiatives for your organization to help it run more effectively.

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Corporate Chaplaincy

Need a chaplain presence onsite or on-call? Many of your employees value care practices that incorporate the spiritual resources that help them cope with difficult situations. We offer onsite and on-call chaplain services for your company or organization. Our employee assistance personnel can be housed in your offices or come onsite by request during employee crises.

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In-Service Training & Consultation

We train-the-trainers. Do you have a team of leaders who could benefit from wellness strategies, team building activities, or self-care programming? Is there a need for your employees to be trained to help make the work environment an area where they can thrive? We are here to help. In-service training & consultation provide the trainings you need. Our team will provide on-site in-service trainings and learning experiences for your team.

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We get techies!!

Need someone to help your team get along better? We understand what it takes to build a cohesive team full of different personalities. You have the knowledge and we help you build the skills to work better together.

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