Corporate Chaplaincy

Corporate Chaplaincy

Need a chaplain presence onsite or on-call? Many of your employees value care practices that incorporate the spiritual resources that help them cope with difficult situations. We offer onsite and on-call chaplain services for your company or organization. Our employee assistance personnel can be housed in your offices or come onsite by request during employee crises.

  • Employee Assistance Initiatives
  • Holistic Care for Employees
  • Spiritually Integrated Wellness Programs
  • Crisis Care for Employees
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Consultation - Frequently Asked Questions

Consultation Services

What is Consultation Services?

In our Consultation Services, you will meet one-on-one with a member of our staff to discuss how we can help support you with your different transitions in life.

How can Consultation Services benefit you?

Our Consultation Services are beneficial in that it allows us to guide you through a difficult transition in life while offering ways to improve upon decision making.

Can I seek Consultation Services online?

Yes! Our clients can seek Consultation Services online, on-site, or in office. 

Training Services

What is Training Services?

Our Training Services is a way to encourage employee wellbeing in the workplace. We offer workshops, seminars, retreats, and webinars for both large and small groups with a wide variety of topics to fit your businesses unique needs.

How will Training Services be beneficial to me?

Having mentally healthy employees can create a work environment that is not only less chaotic but more cohesive. This can lead to happier employees and possibly even increased productivity in the work place.

Where can I find the list of workshops offered?

We have over 40 workshops offered in order to fit your businesses needs. You can find a list of all workshops under Training Services.