Corporate Programs & Initiatives

Corporate Programs & Initiatives

Is your team missing something? We offer team strategies and programs that enhance wellness, cohesiveness, and work/life balance. Whether it is time management skills or support in dealing with employees, corporate consultation can help provide an opportunity for growth in your work environment.

  • Work/Life Balance Initiatives
  • Wellness Programs
  • Team Building
  • Interpersonal Wellness
  • Leader Development
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Consultation - FAQ

What is Consultation Services?

In our Consultation Services, you will meet one-on-one with a member of our staff to discuss how we can help support you with your different transitions in life.

How can Consultation Services benefit you?

Our Consultation Services are beneficial in that it allows us to guide you through a difficult transition in life while offering ways to improve upon decision making.

What are the costs associated a consultation session?

Consultation services and fees vary depending on the type of service received and the extensive nature of the consultation goals. Contact our staff to discuss the specifics of our consultation services.

Can I seek Consultation Services online?

Yes, we offer in-office, on-line or mobile, meaning at your site, consultation services. To schedule an online session please contact our staff to register for our confidential client portal.