Empowering Faculty to Assist Students Overwhelmed by the Mental Stress of Social Media

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Perimeter College, Georgia State University - Clarkston, GA

Event: Faculty Development Day

Presenters: Dr. Ca Trice Glenn, LPC, ACS, NCC and Jennifer Smith, LPC

Date/Time: Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 9 AM

Location: Perimeter College, Georgia State University – Clarkston Campus, CD-2140

Description: The proliferation of social media and technology has changed the way faculty teach, how students learn, and the way teachers and students communicate.
Technology is a wonderful tool that assists faculty with many classroom innovations and assignments for students, but what about the risks associated with social media? Are faculty educating students on the risks to personal safety, appropriate or professional boundaries, internet addiction, or the harm to online self-image they may encounter? As faculty may encounter some of these student issues in the classroom setting, it is important to know how to proactively respond to these situations.