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Brain Dump: Journal for Busy Women

If you have selected this journal, you or someone in your life thinks things are really busy right now. I am thankful that you have chosen to do something about it. This journal was created with you in mind.

Teen years come with a lot. This is a space to think through the things on your plate. There is a space for just exploring your thoughts as well as spaces with fun questions and reflection quotes. This space is for you!

This journal offers a concentrated space to release whatever is cluttering your thoughts and reflect on the impact of those things.

Use the open pages to 'brain dump.' These pages have less structure and offer a place to capture your thoughts. They are intended to provide uninterrupted space to download any thoughts that are floating around in your consciousness.

There are spaces dedicated to 'productive reflection'. There are reflection pages (i.e., confidence, self-love, making a difference etc.) with prompts to guide reflections in these areas. In additional each topic section has a reflection quote for prayer and meditation.

There are coloring pages and drawing/doodle pages in the back of the journal for free expression.

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