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What Do You Do When You Feel Overwhelmed Because of Your Job?

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Have you ever felt totally drained from all your daily activities? Have you ever felt physically and mentally exhausted and worn out? Have you now dreaded going to work or school because of a project or stressful work environment?

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The Practice of Patience During Change & Healing

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You’ve sat down and gotten to know yourself again. You take some time out each night to reflect on your day and your victories. And you’ve realized something: You are not where you want to be.

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African-Americans and Mental Health

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So, what does this have to do with African-Americans in particular? More than you think.
Lets look at a few facts for a minute: According to a survey done by Mental Health America, 63 percent of African Americans believe that depression is a personal weakness, this is significantly higher than the overall survey average of 54 percent.

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Living in the Moment: Cliche or Novelty?

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Do you ever get caught up in your past or future? This is something I’m sure we all personally have struggled with, and with the way society is this these days, I would say that other people like us get caught up in these things too. Focusing on what one wants the future to hold or ruminating on negative things of the past, prevent us from seeing what is in front of us.

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