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Living in the Moment: Cliche or Novelty?

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Kayla Santangelo

Living in the Moment: A Cliche or Something Novel?

Do you ever get caught up in your past or future? This is something I’m sure we all personally have struggled with, and with the way society is these days, I would say that other people like us get caught up in these things too. Focusing on what one wants the future to hold or ruminating on negative things of the past, prevents us from seeing what is in front of us. We forget to take in the here and now and appreciate what the present day has to offer.

So How Do We Fix This?

This is a personal challenge for us all. I challenge us to take some time and really focus on the here and now.

Ways this can be done:

  • Journal about your day (describe what you see, what you hear, etc.) Awaken your senses!
  • Takes some photos. When I go out in nature I give it my full attention. I do not want to miss out on the perfect picture!
  • Just stop what you are doing. A few times a day just stop where you are and look around. Ask yourself if you are on autopilot or if are you fully aware of your surroundings.
  • Get off the technology! Take a break for 30 minutes a day or whatever works for you with no cell phone and no computer in front of you. Take in your surroundings or ponder on the great things that have happened in your day thus far.

These are a few things we can all do to be aware of our surroundings. I’m hoping to get better at this myself. I don’t want to miss out on life because I’m stuck in the past or too focused on my future. I say live in the moment!

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