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Grieving During the Holidays

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The air has gotten crisper, the leaves have changed, and our favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas shows have begun to air non-stop. This time of year reminds us to be joyous, thankful, and kind.

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Reflecting & Reconnecting

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As November rolls around, the change in weather affects us all. It brings some of us joy; while others sadness. It is a gentle but very present reminder that the holidays and the new year are rapidly approaching. In previous posts we discussed the importance of knowing and bettering yourself, as well as practicing patience in the presence of change.

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How Loss Changes You

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When we are young, we have this innocence about us that pushes death and loss to the back of our minds. We think that we are unstoppable and free. We never consider the idea of loss until we lose something or someone important and close to us.

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