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Stronger Than your Fears

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By Millicent D. Parker | March 19, 2018

As I perused Instagram, which I enjoy doing from time to time, I read a quote from Power of Positivity, “Let your faith be stronger than your fears.” That quote spoke to me and I thought maybe it would speak to you as well. Read it again, Let Your Faith Be Stronger Than Your Fears.

LET in that quote, to me, means allow it to be strong. Allow your faith to work things out for you. Think about it, when you allow something, you step back and give it permission or space to do what it is going to do. As you stop trying to make something happen, you allow it to just do what it would naturally do without your involvement or forcing something. Stay with me on this, because I can hear you asking allow faith in what?

Some people struggle with the word FAITH. Not sure what to have faith in or why. It is not my intent to decide that for you. Faith can be in whatever you believe in, some say God, some say a higher power, some say faith in themselves while others say faith in the universe. Whatever it is that gives you peace of mind, that reminds you that you are okay or a sense of assurance that is faith. Whatever motivates you or moves you or inspires you to take positive action in your life that is what you can use as your faith. Allow what you believe in to outweigh what you fear.

Outweigh or STRONGER THAN, to me, simply means to be more important. You get to decide what strong means to you. Your definition of being strong is all that matters in your life. Remember #IDEFINESTRONG is your gift to you. It allows you to release the pressure that others may place on you or that you may place on yourself and gives you permission to decide what is most important in your world.

When you focus on the things that are most important in your world you will find that FEAR really is False Evidence Appearing Real. If you look at things that you have feared in the past 99% of the time the thing you feared either never happened or it was not as bad as you imagined. Another phrase that has helped me is “feel the fear and do it anyway.” That’s a phrase I have heard is many 12-steps groups, because sometimes we cannot easily shake the feeling of fear, but we can still move forward with our desires. That’s what you have to do here as well, because what is more important to you is always more important than what you fear.

Start by making a list of the positive things that you believe about you, your life and your experiences. Write it down and make it clear to you. Clarity makes way for your strength to shine. When you are clear about what you believe you move with purpose.

Next remind yourself of the things that are more important to you. Happiness is more important than being right. Healthy relationships with those you genuinely love and who genuinely love you is more important that material things. So take some time and figure out what is important to you.

Now move forward knowing that all is well in your world and watch how things can begin to change for you.


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