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Your Words and Actions Make A Difference

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By Dr. Ca Trice Glenn | November 17, 2017

It is a good thing to reflect on how we make a difference in the world. Our words, actions and engagements have an impact on others. Even when we are not trying to influence others, what we say and do can become memorable to those who are paying attention.

Our words have power. Others are constantly paying attention to what we say. Sometimes our words “give life,” meaning we speak something positive and nurturing to others. Unfortunately, we can also speak death to someone’s dreams or aspirations with a flippant comment or negative perspective. It helps to reflect on our words before we use them, especially with those close to us because sometimes we speak without giving our words deep thought and those words can replay for years in the hearer’s consciousness.

Our actions influence others. How we greet and respond to others sends a message about how we value them. Others are paying attention to our actions as a guide to respond in kind. The more we extend bridges of connection the more willing others will be to reciprocate. Take the time to engage others with the positivity you want them to remember for a lifetime.

It is a gift to make a difference in someone’s life. The impact of a single word or act seems to reverberate far beyond that one moment of shared time. Reflect on how you use your words and actions to bring light and positivity into the world. Choose to be intentional. People often remember an experience with you that you can barely recall because it was meaningful to them.

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