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5 Declarations for the New Year

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By Dr. Ca Trice Glenn | January 1, 2018

Skip the Resolutions…Make a DECLARATION!

Year after year we hear about making resolutions to do something different in the coming year. Most resolutions usually involve a desire to get healthier or fit, travel more, get our finances right, or spend more time with family and friends. On the surface there is nothing wrong with wanting to make changes and choose new behaviors. However, the concept of setting resolutions usually revolves around correcting some behavior or reversing some situation in our life. The very nature of setting a resolution means we have judged ourselves to be deficient in some way and must apply corrective behavior to become a better person.

This year, I challenge you to skip the guilt trip. Set your eyes on the ‘you’ that is coming into being. This year choose to focus on declaring new things rather than replacing old things. To make a declaration means that you make an explicit statement, not a hope or wish or even a goal. You make a determination that this thing you speak will come into existence.

Here are five declarations to get you started:

1. I WILL Stop Comparing Myself to Others

This is the first declaration because it has the biggest impact on how we view ourselves and what we have to offer the world. Each of us was made unique, one of a kind. We were not intended to do, be, look, or speak like anyone else. We were given stewardship of this individual life and to help it reach its fullest potential. Declare that comparisons only lessen the value of the uniqueness that you are granted as a gift.

2. I WILL Start Paying Attention to Every Day

Life passes quickly. Today, it’s hard to keep up with everything we’re doing and experiencing without a timeline of photos and posts to remind us. Because we have so many visual reminders of what has happened we often spend precious moments recording rather than experiencing. Declare to live differently this year. Let someone else capture the random moments for posterity. Declare to live IN each moment and pay attention to everything that see, hear, smell and feel.

3. I WILL Share More with Others

Only what you give to others will last. Use this year to make a mark on the lives of others. Bring something positive and lasting to those around you. Become known for the joy you bring or the laughs that you share. Make meaningful moments with everyone your encounter. Declare this year that you will share your time, talents and treasures with others to bring more light into the world.

4. I WILL Seek More Experiences than Things

Life is too short for spend collecting monopoly pieces. Having wealth and a lot of things can add to your happiness, but neither can complete your happiness. While you’re focusing on wealth acquisition this year, don’t forget that new experiences are worth far more than gold. Consider this, would you whether look back on this year with fondness for the new purse or golf club you purchased or reflect on the wonder of traveling to new places and enjoying new experiences. Declare this year that enjoying the experiences will mean more to you than the things you collect.


Lastly, but most importantly, declare that you are enough! No matter what comes your way you can meet it head on. You were created to be more than you could ever imagine. Therefore, hold your head up. Walk boldly. Speak confidently. Declare your rightful place at every table. You are enough!

Make this the year that you stop reflecting on what’s not going well and focus on what possibilities lie in store for you. Make peace with your past. Then charge towards the future with wide-eyed enthusiasm. We have greater potential than we’ve seen thus far. Embrace what you’re truly capable of and press forward toward it!


“Greater is in me, than [exists] in the world.”

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