March 11, 2018 Lifestyle, Mental Health, Self-Care

Becoming Consciously Aware

For the month of March, I challenge you to create a space for insight. Essentially, I challenge you to create space in which you enter mindfulness. What does mindfulness even mean ...

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January 8, 2018 Kelli Barnes, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Self-Care

How To Choose A Therapist

It is relatively easy to find a therapist. However, finding a therapist who is a good fit for you might prove to be a challenge. ...

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December 31, 2017 Dr. Ca Trice Glenn, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Self-Care

5 Declarations for the New Year

This year, I challenge you to skip the guilt trip. Set your eyes on the ‘you’ that is coming into being. This year choose to focus on declaring new things rather than ...

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December 11, 2017 Health, Kelli Barnes, Lifestyle, Mental Health

Navigating Holiday Stress

While the holiday season is filled with joy and cheer, this season can also bring a heightened sense of stress. ...

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November 6, 2017 Dr. Ca Trice Glenn, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Self-Care, Spiritual Health

Seeking Peace

What does peace mean to you? Is peace the absence of chaos and confusion or does peace involve knowing that all circumstances are temporary and thus ...

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October 30, 2017 Kelli Barnes, Lifestyle, Productivity

Practicing Mindfulness

At times, we spend quite a bit of time thinking and reflecting on the future or the past. We might be wishing for a change in the future or regretting or a previous decision. We ...

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October 23, 2017 Lifestyle, Mental Health, Millicent D. Parker, Self-Care, Self-Love

Physician Heal Thyself

“Physician heal thyself.” Most of us have heard this phrase and many of us believe we should be able to heal ourselves of all issues. “I should be able to shake off ...

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October 16, 2017 Dr. Ca Trice Glenn, Health, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Self-Care, Self-Love

Being a Good Steward of ‘Self’

To be a good steward of something means you are aware of its needs and you care for it. Our needs change as we mature and our care approaches need to adapt as ...

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March 21, 2016 Kelli Barnes, Lifestyle, Productivity

How to Maximize Your Mornings

Jumpstarting your morning can have a great impact on the rest of your day and week. With some organizational tips and a few changes, you will feel more accomplished, organized, ...

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March 12, 2016 Kelli Barnes, Lifestyle, Self-Care

15 Ways to Boost Your Mood Immediately

We all have those days where we feel overwhelmed, overworked, and undervalued. We all get feelings similar to these. When it comes to being happy, little things ...

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