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How to Maximize Your Mornings

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Kelli Barnes

Picture this. The alarm suddenly starts blaring. You groggily press snooze to catch that extra 10 minutes of shuteye as the sunlight creeps into the window. “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” The alarm goes off again. You drag yourself out of bed later than anticipated, rush and dress, quickly pack breakfast and lunch, and scurry out the door in a mad dash. You get to work in a hurry, rush to a meeting, or get started tackling your to-do list for the day. Does your morning routine usually leave you feeling rushed, stressed, strapped for time, and not as prepared as you would like for the rest of your day?

The Night Before

Take Your Time

Getting enough sleep and being well-rested will enhance your mood, energy levels, and productivity throughout the day. Designating a block of time before bedtime to establish your routine is essential. You can set aside an hour before bed to power down, relax, meditate, drink a hot cup of decaffeinated tea, or read to begin to unwind. Instituting a routine will help your body recognize when it is time to sleep and speed up the process.

Plan Ahead

You can also use your electronic-free hour before bed to streamline your morning routine by packing a lunch, ironing clothes for the next day, or putting together your gym bag. Shortening the preparation process in the morning will make getting out of bed much easier.

Create a Sleep Schedule<

Being consistent with a sleep schedule is a way to promote good a sleep regime. Setting and sticking to a sleep schedule, even on the weekends, will allow your body to fall asleep faster at night and rise easier in the mornings.

In the Morning

Be positive!

Waking up and thinking about all the things that you aren’t looking forward to is not the most positive way to begin your day. Instead, think ahead to the most rewarding things you will complete all day, this could help to switch your thinking and get those positive views flowing.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is imperative to give your body fuel for the day. Having protein and whole grains will keep you satisfied longer and better able to seize the day.

Amp-up Productivity

Instead of hitting the snooze button, use those extra minutes to do some meditative writing or a project of your choice. You will feel accomplished to have already had a task checked off your to-do list or have dedicated time consistently to one of your passions.

Jumpstarting your morning can have a great impact on the rest of your day and week. With some organizational tips and a few changes, you will feel more accomplished, organized, and empowered. This will also enable you to have more confidence in the workplace and even perform better.


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